About MiKro Soccer

MiKro Soccer is a popular and fun introduction to the game of soccer specially designed for 3-5 year olds.  Register now for Summer Mikro here.

Please contact MiKro Director Allison Hejdak at Allisonh@mksc.org with any questions! 


What is MiKro?

While actively participating and learning basic soccer skills from college-aged individuals or high school students, 16 or older, with experience in athletics or working with children, your young soccer player will also develop their coordination, enhance their socialization and teamwork skills.  

Classes meet once per week for six weeks and children should come dressed to play with sneakers and a size 3 soccer ball.  Sessions typically cost $72.00 per six week session but may vary by region. Soccer balls can be purchased during registration for an additional cost of $10.00.


Why children enjoy and their parents recommend MiKro:

"I have been enrolling my son in the MiKro program since he was three years old. He loves everything about it. All of the coaches are wonderful. Each one has a different coaching style making each session unique while still having structure. My son looks forward every week to 'soccer night.' Would definitely recommend!"
- Michelle, parent of MiKro player 

"Valentina and Victoria really get a kick out of MiKro. It is a good mix of fun age-appropriate exercise and soccer basics. The coaches are all really friendly and their enthusiasm, and love for the game and for working with the kids really shows."
- Natalia, parent of MiKro players

Before registering, please take a few moments to review our Photo Release Policy here and our Social Media Policy here