About Whitefish Bay Kickers Recreational Program

The purpose of the recreational soccer program is to provide an opportunity for children to have fun, learn the sport, and develop a lifelong love of the game in a less-competitive environment. It is our goal to develop kids who not only possess quality soccer skills, but to build strong character through sportsmanship and teamwork. Our dedicated volunteer coaches strive to create an enjoyable environment while teaching both basic and advanced soccer skills.

Whitefish Bay Kickers offers recreational teams for players ages 5 through 14.  Placement for players will be determined based on classmates and friends.  Whitefish Bay Kickers will do everything possible to matchup friends on teams but cannot guarantee all friend requests.

Recreational Soccer opens May 1st for the next Fall and Spring.  Teams are formed early summer and normally established in August before the Fall season begins in September.  Whitefish Bay Kickers reopens registration on December 1st for a "Spring Only" soccer season.  This is for families who did not play in Fall and wish to only play the Spring season.  These kids will be added to either existing teams from Fall or new teams will be made for the Spring season.